About Us

With the passion in cars and motorbikes, the team of 123 is determined to provide a first class 1-stop service for drivers.  With a team of total experience more than 50 years, we have been serving our clients in our Prince Edward shop since 2004. In 2015, we have renovated our shop and have started the maintenance & spraying centre in Sai Kung.


Motor Beauty - Importing world-class brand Nano coating such as Kube Bond, Sonax and Meguiars, our technicians treat every coating as an artwork to make your car or motorbike stunning and durable.

Motor Maintenance - Making your life easier, we provide wide range motor service such as oil, brake pad, tyre, glass, filter, light bulb... etc. With an in-house spraying facility, we are capable of making your car look brand-new.


Pre-Owned Cars Dealing - Selecting quality pre-owned cars in the market, we are confident that drivers could make a valued deal throught us. Feel free to visit our web site to look at the latest openings!


Miscellaneous Services - Visiting our shop to find out practical items such as jump starter and car refresher. We also help you on insurance, vehicle examinations.... etc.


Give us a call at any time! We are English speaking.

123 的團隊對汽車充滿熱情,銳意為您帶來一站的汽車服務。我們的經驗相當豐富,太子店由2004至今已經服務市超過十年。為了讓顧客享受更優質的服務,本店2015進行了大裝修和購置了大量嶄新設備,並增設了西貢的維修及噴油場。 


汽車美容 - 本店使用名牌納米鍍膜 Kube Bond, Sonax 和 Meguiars, 加上技術員的熟練手藝和用心製作,能使您的愛車回復剛出廠時般亮麗。

汽車維修 - 偈油、玻璃、燈膽、迫力皮‧‧‧ 所有關於維修的問題我們也可以為您效勞。我們在西貢的噴油中心提供高級的噴油服務,局部或全車的噴油也可做到全新的效果。


二手車買賣 - 123 四出搜尋有質素的二手車讓客戶選擇,請隨時瀏覽我們的網站找尋最新資訊!


其他服務 - 在我們的店裏,您可以找到很多實用的配件如救車器和香薰等。另一方面,保險和代辦驗車也是我們的服務範圍。