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Other than providng first class servivce to drivers, we also serve the local motor services by acting as a motor product distributor.




VETTO offers a comprehensive range of quality and reliable brake pads. Depending on your preference, there is a suitable VETTO brake pad to suit your vehicles type, style of driving and road condition. The friction material used in the manufacturing of VETTO brake pads are specially formulated with the latest engineering technology and are extensively tested for its performance and quality.
Since 2015, we become one of their few distributors in Hong Kong. Feel free to get a quote from us!

VETTO 專營高質素剎車皮,他們的特有技術使駕駛變得更安全和可靠。VETTO 提供多款型號,涵蓋不同車款,還有不同系列以配合您的駕駛風格。由2015開始,123 正式成為VETTO 的經銷商。



We use wrold-class product for your car